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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Website Design

How long will my website take to complete?

From the date that you submit your artpack we aim to have your website proof with you within 21 working days. In most cases this is an extreme example and most are completed much quicker than this. Please note that we cannot start your website without your artpack being sent to us.

Can I make changes to my website

We will make as many changes as you wish until the point your website goes live. After this time you may edit it if you have purchased our content management system add on. This cmes free with silver and gold packages but is an added extra on the bronze package and must be purchased separately.

My designer has made changes, but I can't see them?

If your designer has made changes to your website but you are still seeing an older version, this is likely a cache issue. On a windows PC, while looking at your website, simultaneously press the "ctrl" and "F5" keys and your browser will perform a "hard refresh" and the changes should be reflected. For other devices such as smartphones and tablets, you may need to just refresh a few times. You can also go into your browsers settings and find the "clear cache" option.

Can I upgrade my package?

Our customers can upgrade at any time. Call our accounts department to discuss your needs and we will be more than happy to help you find a solution.

How do I put my website live?

If you would like your website to go live, you must contact your designer. Providing you are happy with the design your designer will get everything in place as soon as possible.

Search Engine Optimisation

I can't find my website on Google

After your website is optimised it can take a while to appear in search results. Google states 6 to 8 weeks for a submitted website to show in results, however in our experience it is often much less than this.

What are my keywords?

Your keywords will of been discussed with your account manager. If these have not been discussed previously, our SEO team will

Content Management System

How do I login to my Content Management System?

When your CMS was made, someone from the development team will of sent you an email containing a user name and password. If you have misplaced these, please contact us and we will send you new credentials.

Accounts and Renewals

How do I cancel my services?

If you wish to cancel for any reason, then this must be sent to us in writing. Visit our contact page to find our postal address.

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